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Μanager Top synthetic toupee: ΜΤ-510 Ready -to-wear

Reference: ΜΤ-510

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Size: 24 × 17,5 cm
Hair quality: Synthetic hair
Hair style: Freestyle, with a lot of motion
Hair length: 5–8 cm
Hair volume: light, 100%
Base material: fine Welded-Monofilament
Front: fine Welded-Mono (Hollywood-technique) with Scallop-Front (Flower-Front), single-layered, 0.5cm without PU + 2.5 cm with thin transparent PU-coating
Adhesive surface: thin 2.5 cm PU all around
Grey colors: natural grey colour tones with more grey in front and temple area


Data sheet

Manager Top
Toupee quality
synthetic hair toupee


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